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After much thought and consideration, we made the decision to no longer breed the American Pit Bull Terrier.  Though there are many reasons behind our choice.. it is the overpopulation of the breed, that was the final factor.

I am not able to deny the fact that hundreds of APBT's and pit mixes loose their lives everyday because they are not wanted, and I am not willing t o produce additional pups that take a home that could have belonged to a rescue or shelter pet.  This has been a very hard decision for us. Weighing the pros and cons, I wasn't able to outweigh the negative of breeding.

We will always be dedicated to the OFRN APBT, but we also love all Pit Bull dogs and I feel it is our responsibility to place our efforts towards the dogs that are currently in need of homes. I believe that there are too many breeders producing pups when there are so many pups in need. Though I know the importance of keeping the line alive and the importance of continuing the standard of the APBT, I do not feel that it is my place to do so, nor that now is the time to be producing more dogs.

I believe that all "Pit Bulls", not just the APBT's or AST's, but all of the mixes too, are worthy, and deserve our love. regardless of titles, regardless of color, regardless of size, regardless of bloodlines and regardless of registries. I understand the importance of standard. If there were no standard..there would be no Pit Bull. I understand the importance of pure bloodlines. I do not however feel that any of those things make the dog any less worthy of our love and support.

I don't want to loose sight of the reason I own an APBT to begin with, because they are THE MOST AMAZING animal in all the world. Their love, compassion, loyalty, and strength. I feel I need to spend my time protecting the breed as a whole and rescuing those that have been discarded, and I hope that many of you will follow in this fight.

For those of you who do not think there is a SERIOUS problem of Pit Bull overpopulation, I urge you to take a stroll through the Shelter/Rescue/Humane Society in your area any day of the week. Pit Bulls are leading the list of abandoned dogs, and FAR to many of these places have a NO-Adopt policy on the breed. Without Rescue groups fighting for these dogs, they have absolutely NO CHANCE of escaping death. Even with so many volunteers on their side....it is impossible to save way too many of the dogs...yet more are being bred everyday?

I have decided that as long as there are Pit Bulls out there in need of a couch to lay on...then I will not be creating more competition for him.

I hope that you will support us in our path.

Suzanne Mott

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